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Business ideas that you can start on the rooftop of your house

From the roof, you can start the next business.No need to organize too much, you can start this business with little cost. Requires an open roof with a fairly large volume. Your business will start using this place. Every area, be it a village, moose ball, or city, has its own character, its own needs.

Here are seven business ideas that can be started on the roof of the house. Choose your business based on your ability and the needs of the area, and start your business with or without a name.

Organic farming or vegetable farming

More and more people are increasingly turning to organic farming to avoid the effects of harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Finding a place for organic farming in the city can be the ideal place for a lot of hard work.

Tomato, eggplant, chili, pumpkin, gourd, cauliflower, cabbage, potato, bean, shrimp, capsicum, squash, karaishuti, cucumber, grapefruit, spinach, etc. can be grown on the roof. If you want to cultivate commercially, you should not cultivate one or two crops at a time.

To start this business you need to learn the techniques of organic farming. The crop needs regular maintenance and care.

Besides vegetables, you can also cultivate flowers or fruits. Mango, blackberry, litchi, olive, pomegranate, cup, orange lemon, batabi lemon, white, etc. can be grown in the roof garden. Besides, different flowers like rose, jaba, marigold, dahlia, chrysanthemum, etc. can be cultivated.

Mushroom cultivation (Business Ideas Rooftop)

In addition to other vegetables, mushrooms can be easily grown on the roof of the house. This cultivation is also profitable. Dark damp weather is required for mushroom cultivation. For that, a house can be built with a bamboo shed in a shady place on the roof. In order to avoid sunlight, you have to call in a bamboo shed. Mushrooms can be cultivated throughout the year. However, the yield is good in monsoon and winter. Do not use any pesticides in mushroom cultivation and keep the surrounding area clean, otherwise, the mushrooms will start to rot.

Rooftop restaurant or cafe (Business Ideas Rooftop)

In the suburbs and in the muffs balls too, the chital is growing fast and the food and cafes are booming. This business can only be done if you have enough space on your roof and locally it is suitable for cafes or restaurants.

You can start the cafe with some very fast food and drinks. Keep an eye on the interior. Keep an eye out for guests to be able to sit comfortably in all weathers.

Be sure to seek appropriate permission from the relevant authorities

Event rental

From “Our Roof” to “Roof Paschalis” – Rooftop Concert is a popular idea among today’s generation. From Shilajit to Chandrabindu Upal, they regularly organize concerts on the roof of their houses.

It is not possible for many young artists to rent an auditorium. For them, your roof can become the ideal place for the ceremony. Rent as hourly.

You can rent your own roof for small domestic occasions like birthdays or wedding anniversaries.

Bee farming (Business Ideas Rooftop)

This requires skill and knowledge. Beekeeping requires shady and dry places, providing adequate feed to the surrounding bees. Trees can be planted if necessary.

Solar panel or solar power generation.

You can meet the electricity demand of your own house and neighbors by generating electricity by placing the solar pan on the roof of your house. This business is possible only where there is a demand.

Many private companies will install roof panels. Find out which companies do this in your area, find out the cost. Start a business by calculating like that.

Villages or suburbs are ideal for this business. It will be good to sell honey and beeswax obtained from beeswax.

Mobile tower.

Mobile companies pay good money to install mobile towers. According to the agreement between the two, these companies pay monthly or annually.

It is possible to start a variety of businesses with a small investment using the roof space of the house.

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