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Changes in lifestyle to protect against heart attack

A heart attack is medically called coronary thrombosis. This is the result of a complete blockage of the blood supply to a part of the muscle.

A sudden 100 percent blockage in any coronary artery or its branches causes a heart attack. When the blood and oxygen supply to the heart muscle is completely cut off, it leads to death.

A heart attack depends on how much of the heart muscle has actually failed. If 5 to 10 percent is ineffective, it is minor and most patients survive. But when 30 to 40 percent of the heart muscle is ineffective, it is called a major heart attack. If not treated immediately, the risk of dying from a heart attack increases.

Most heart attacks are sudden. This is due to the increase in heart blockage. This blockage is usually covered by a thin membrane. This is called antima, which unites all the deposits. This tight membrane spreads more as more fat accumulates. But if the accumulation under this membrane becomes so great that it can no longer spread, it ruptures. This causes clots or thrombosis to form inside the artery, which completely closes the lumen.

Heart attacks can occur after eating a high-fat diet, sudden anger or excessive grief, trauma or stress. Heart attacks occur more in the morning. In most cases, the main cause of heart attack is increased fatty blockage. If the blockage is not allowed to grow, the membrane will never rupture.

Therefore, regular exercise, yoga, weight loss, high blood pressure, diabetes, stress is very important to control.

If you change your lifestyle without relying on drugs alone, heart attacks will no longer occur.

Saul is the name given to the treatment of heart blockage in the world, instead of the 80-year-old bypass surgery. SAOOL (Science and Art of Living) is a beautiful understanding of science and the way of life. The father of the new medical system in America. Dean Ornish. You can also take expert advice to follow this method in Bangladesh.


MD. Jahirul Islamhttp://www.aljazeerabangla.com
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