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Come back to Dubai. What to see | Travel Dubai

No one is really lacking in interest in visiting Dubai! Once known as an oasis, Dubai has become a very attractive country today through hard work, proper planning, and action. The Dubai government has responded to the world by establishing all sorts of interesting installations in the heart of the desert. Dubai travel restrictions.

In today’s blog, we talked about various issues related to Dubai travel. Mainly we have highlighted all the best travel destinations in Dubai. Besides, more information on Dubai-bound airlines, airfare, where and how to get air tickets, etc.

Burj Al-Khalifa

Burj Al Khalifa is said to be the landmark building in Dubai. It is currently the tallest man-made facility in Dubai and around the world. With a height of 629.6 meters, this majestic building is not only the tallest building in Dubai but also one of the most beautiful and strong structures. One of the best attractions for Dubai travelers is visiting the observation deck on the 124th floor of the Burj Al Khalifa. From here the whole of Dubai can be seen from Bird’s Eye View. The night scene is even more wonderful. At this time the city of Dubai can be seen in the night light from the observation deck.

The tallest building in the world: Burj Al-Khalifa

There is no less pomp on the ground floor. There are many nice gardens and artificial fountains nearby. This includes the world’s tallest artificial fountain, the Dubai Fountain, modeled on Las Vegas’ Bellagio Fountain.

If you want to take these experiences of Burj Al-Khalifa, you have to buy a ticket and go inside. Tickets are not expensive. However, getting tickets is a big problem due to high demand. So you can book Burj Al-Khalifa tickets in advance online from their official website: https://www.burjkhalifa.ae/en/

Burj Al Arab

Another popular attraction in Dubai is the Burj Al Arab. The hotel is located on an artificial lamp next to Al Jamhuria Road. It is one of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai and the world. There are 203 premium suites in the 160 meters high Burj Al Arab. This magnificent building looks a lot like a sailing ship. It is the only 6-star hotel in the world.

Its architecture is world-famous and thousands of tourists come to Dubai every year just to see this building. Luxurious limousines are ready for the distinguished guests staying here. There is also a private helipad. Inside the hotel room are various pieces of furniture made of gold and their boundless splendor. In addition to a large number of pools in the hotel, there are several artificial fountains whose beauty is difficult to describe!

Dubai’s Famous Shopping Mall “Dubai Mall”

The largest and most famous shopping mall in Dubai is the Dubai Mall. Its location is in Burj Al Khalifa. It serves as the gateway to the Burj Al Khalifa and the Dubai Aquarium. This famous shopping center has showrooms of all the big brands from home and abroad.

There is also an ice skating zone, gaming zone, cinema complex, and various entertainment facilities. Lots of people come here from Europe, America, and Australia, so all the facilities are of international standard. There are also world-class food courts. There are also fashion shows, live music, various festivals, and other entertainment arrangements.

Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum is housed in an ancient castle called Al Fahidi. The fort was built in 18 to ensure the defense of Dubai. The fort was later used as the residence of the rulers of Dubai and other important places at different times. The palace was renovated in 1971 and converted into a museum. At its main gate is a comparative map of old Dubai and modern Dubai.

If you go here, you will be able to discover the old days of Dubai in that environment. . You will also see the houses of the day made of palm leaves. There are also different types of weapons used in those days. You can also see various patterns of the Bedouin lifestyle.

Next to it is the Bastakia Quarter.  They used to come to Dubai to trade in pearls and expensive clothes. There were all kinds of facilities for them in these quarters. The special feature of the houses here was that most of them were made of limestone. There is a wind tower on top of the houses. The function of this wind tower was to ensure the flow of cold air into the room.

Gevora Hotel is the highest hotel in the world

So far, seven of the world’s tallest buildings have become known. This time I am talking about the highest hotel. The name is Gevora Hotel. The 1,16-foot (358-meter) hotel was inaugurated in 2016 after nearly 12 years of construction. The 65-story building has 526 rooms. There are a number of pools, restaurants, and lounges. Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, the widest road in the world, the hotel is located just 1 km from Burj Khalifa.

Gevora Hotel (Dubai travel restrictions)

Gevora Hotel is the highest hotel in the world

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Dubai Miracle Garden

Another interesting place in Dubai is the Dubai Miracle Garden. The garden was inaugurated on World Love Day 2013. With an area of ​​6 lakh 80 thousand square feet, this garden has got the status of the largest flower garden in the world. There are about 250 million trees and more than 50 million flowers. In 2015, the Garden Tourism Awards awarded this garden the highly respected Moselle Award.

Dubai Metro Rail (dubai travel restrictions)

Another great experience in Dubai is its great metro rail service. So far there are two rail services running, Red Line and Green Line. Work on the third line is now underway. Both trains run on an underground basis. .

Dubai Metro Rail

Sheikh Saeed Al Makhtum House

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum was the most influential ruler in the history of Dubai. He is also called the architect of modern Dubai. He was the grandfather of the current ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum ruled Dubai for a long time from 1921 to 1956.

Maktoum house (Dubai travel restrictions)

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House

At present, the museum houses a wide range of items used during the reign of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum. There are various utensils of that period, furniture, clothing and various types of weapons. You can learn about old day Dubai by visiting this museum. Here you will find the Dubai Museum of Historical Photographs and Documents. There are lots of pictures and copies of important non-daily life of old day Dubai for the visitors.

Traveling to a place like Dubai would undoubtedly be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. If you want to reduce the cost, you can plan the tour in advance and book the ticket in advance with the return to your destination.

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