The real desire is to be healthy and strong. On top of that, Six Pack Ab is attractive to most young people. Regardless of one’s appearance, very fat or lean teenagers are also targeted, but on those six pack abs. There is a lot of noise about it in the world of entertainment. This has had an effect on many of us. Today’s article is about those who are health conscious, want to make a six pack, all the exercises needed to make a six pack, diet, etc.

Beware of food:

Making healthy, beautiful and strong does not really depend on food. However, for those who want to go to the gym to build muscle, there is a list of foods. Again, even if the weight is low, there is a separate food list. The instructors at the training centers will test you and give you a list of different types of exercises and meals.

However, those who are overweight should avoid red meat, soft drinks, fast food, oily or fatty foods. You can also soak chirata in the morning, chew lemon with water in the afternoon and eat more cucumber. Eggs should be eaten without yolk. Fish, meat, apple, pomegranate, lemon, guava should be eaten more.

What to do to make a six pack body:

You have to do yoga from the beginning to build muscle. Then there are more exercises. There is a special kind of exercise called dolphin exercise.

Each person’s body is affected by different genetic factors. The body structure is made accordingly. If you want to pack six, you have to work hard. For this, you have to do 8-10 types of abdominal exercises including rope rope, cycling, side belly, upper-lower.

You need to do regular gym. Depending on your chest muscle burning. You need to do a lot of abdominal exercises.

Book Dawn should be given 50-100 times daily. You have to get up and down with your hands on your head while holding your legs. You have to swim in the water.

For those who want to increase the muscles of the hand, they need various hand exercises. This includes practicing seven to eight different techniques with dumbbells for one hour regularly. This will make the structure of your arm or hand muscle beautiful.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind:

Body fat:

Whether a six pack will be visible depends on a person’s body fat. Abdominal muscles are visible when the average body fat is below 15%.

Can’t go without eating:

Many people think that if you are fat, you have to eat less. Then they do not eat. In that case more fat accumulates in the body, so that when the body is deprived of food, it can burn fat and transmit the required energy!

Meat and sugar ratio:

As the saying goes, six packs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. A healthy normal woman should eat 48 grams of meat a day and a man 57 grams.

The amount of sugar in our conventional diet is much higher than that of meat and vegetables, which should be avoided.

To make a six pack you need to eat fish, chicken, milk, eggs, peanut butter and lots of fruits and vegetables. And nuts, fish oil, etc. need to meet the need for fatty foods from food.

Soft drinks, processed foods, extra fried foods should not be eaten at all.

Full body exercise and full sleep:

To make the six pack visible you have to do full body exercises. That’s why it’s important to go to the gym. Go to the gym and exercise according to the instructor’s instructions. Otherwise, it may be the opposite. And need at least 8 hours of sleep a night.

Here are some important tips for six pack abs:

Obese, obese or, in a word, obese, if anyone in this obese category dreams of six pack abs, it will be a little difficult. Not that it won’t happen, but it’s a matter of time. In this case, you have to bring yourself to the weight that you need to be bodyweight in proportion to your height.

This requires cardiovascular exercise. Such as walking, jogging, swimming, cycling or aerobic exercise in the gym – with a proper balanced diet. The first duty is toning the body fat. Fat abs will only happen if you do proper toning exercises to lose fat. Then you have to try Six Pack Abbey through more exclusive exercises. It is a matter of time. Because it is a genetic factor.

Again, many teenage boys are born very thin. Meat does not stick to the body even after eating and drinking. Strangely, six pack abs are created without any exercise. Everything is a genetic factor.

In this case, if these boys can be properly exercised under the supervision of a suitable guru, then they can soon have a wonderful athletic figure, including slim, fit, lean six pack abs, which is the dream figure of teenagers.


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