Exercise or physical exercise is not enough to say how beneficial it is for our mind and body. Because exercise plays an effective role in keeping our body healthy as well as cheering our mind. We can’t exercise if we want to. Exercise at home

There are some rules for exercising. Exercising as you wish without the rules, in most cases, brings more harm than good. At present, exercise centers have been set up in different places to exercise.

Where all kinds of light and heavy exercises are available. But many of us can’t go there and exercise due to lack of time. However, if we want, we can make a small gymnasium within the four walls of our house as per our mind and get rid of the daily exercise practice. Before that we need to gain knowledge about the rules of exercise. Let’s know some rules of exercise.

Before exercise

It has already been said that one cannot exercise one’s own whims and fancies. Exercise must be done according to certain rules. Otherwise the opposite may be true. The exercises should be selected considering the energy level according to the experts in this regard. Again there are some exercises that will affect your whole body. It is better to start with light exercise instead of heavy exercise first. Being a little agile means you are fit, there is no time to think about it. Exercise with empty hands for 40-50 minutes every day. One part of the day should be exercised. Excessive pressure on the body cannot be created overnight.

A variety of home exercises

Among the exercises that are done in the gym is Rockmoff. Such as – running, fight twist, dumbbell lifting, barbell, pushup, skipping, treadmill, bike, cross trainer, squat, bits, backcranch, aerobatics, yoga, stretching, all kinds of exercises are done in the gym. Some of these exercises are for boys and some are for girls. There are also some exercises that apply to both children.

Different types of exercises for girls

Exercises for girls tend to be a bit lighter than for boys. Because girls are not adept at taking extra pressure on the body. It is also harmful to their body. So light exercises are applicable for girls.


Aerobics is another name for freehand exercise to the beat of music. In aerobics, the movement of the arms, legs and other limbs is done in a very aesthetic manner. CDs of various aerobics exercises and tunes are available in various CD stores. In this case, those who are completely unfamiliar can start with a low-intensity CD.


Many of us have heard of yoga before. But many do not know what equipment is needed or how to do this exercise. No equipment is required to perform this exercise. This exercise can only be done with a comfortable mat. This exercise is done by sitting still for a long time in different poses. However, before starting this exercise, you can walk home in different ways for 10 minutes. Walking style can sometimes be normal and sometimes you can walk with weight on your toes. From then on, you can start calming the mind with different asanas, such as Vajrasana, Suryaprana, Ardhakonasana, Trikonasana, etc. A notable feature of this exercise is that breathing exercises can also be done through this exercise.

Skipping (Exercise at home)

We are all more or less familiar with the game of rope jumping. How many ropes he played with friends as a child. So you can practice skipping practice. For those who are overweight and have knee pain, it is better not to do this exercise.

Stand jogging

Standing jogging is the practice of moving the body in a standing position or by holding something in a certain position. No instruments are required to perform this exercise. A notable feature of this exercise is that it exercises the whole body. Doing this exercise continuously for a long time makes the body tired, so it can be restarted with some rest.


Walking or running is very beneficial for our body. But many of us can’t find time to go for a walk outside because of the busyness of work. In their case this exercise is able to fill a lot of the void of walking outside. It is nothing more than a mechanical walking and running machine. Those who do not have time to go out or do not want to go out, they can run a little with the help of this device in one of the rooms of their house.

Different types of exercises for boys

The boys’ exercises are a little heavier than the girls’ exercises and the boys’ exercises focus more on muscle building.

Shoulder circle (Exercise at home)

To do this exercise you first have to look straight ahead and stand up straight. Then the right hand is folded and raised along the right ear, then rotated back, down and up in a certain rhythm. This exercise is done by rotating the left hand at least eight times in a similar manner and the right hand in the same way. Note that to do this exercise you need to keep breathing normal

Side bends

No equipment is required to perform this exercise. Normally, the knees should be straight and the legs should be wider than the shoulders. This exercise is then done by keeping both hands at the waist and raising the middle body or torso a little, leaning the body once to the right and then to the left. Thus in a slow rhythm

Miscellaneous (Exercise at home)

The idea of ​​many is not to drink water while exercising. According to experts, this idea is completely wrong. If you get thirsty, you can soak your throat. Because, during exercise, water also comes out from the body with sweat. Many people cannot exercise on an empty stomach. In that case you can have a light breakfast. For example – two biscuits, a cup of tea without sugar. And if you have a heavy breakfast, then you must exercise one and a half to two hours after breakfast. Although it may seem good to exercise in the morning, you can also exercise in the afternoon and evening according to the rules of eating.

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