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Health Benefits of cauliflower | Al jazeera bangla

Winter is on. Availability of green vegetables in the market. Low in price. Cauliflower at this time is also delicious to eat.  Cauliflower has many qualities. These are-

Cancer prevention

Cauliflower contains some ingredients that help prevent cancer. The sulforaphane component in cauliflower helps to destroy cancer stem cells. At the same time it prevents the growth of different types of tumors.

Keeps the heart well

Cauliflower is very helpful to keep the heart well. Its sulforaphane content lowers blood pressure and keeps the kidneys well. Moreover, cauliflower also helps to prevent inflammation inside the arteries.

Vitamins and minerals

The body needs the right amount of nutrition to keep it healthy and functional. Regular consumption of cauliflower meets the nutritional needs of the body. Cauliflower contains a lot of vitamin-C.

Keeps brain health good

Vitamin B in cauliflower plays an important role in brain development. Colin in it helps in the cognitive process of the brain. It improves memory and helps to learn faster.

Helps in digestion

Cauliflower is rich in antioxidants and sulfur-like ingredients that help in digestion.

MD. Jahirul Islamhttp://www.aljazeerabangla.com
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