Tomato is a delicious and nutritious vegetable. There are many pairs of tomatoes as a vegetable. Tomatoes are available all over the year in our country. They are cooked and eaten as raw as possible. We use tomatoes for various purposes. To get maximum benefits, it is better to eat tomatoes raw. Let’s take a look at some of the great benefits of benefits of tomatoes

Tomato Pustigun: –

Tomato lycopene boosts the body’s immune system, is effective in preventing cancer and heart disease.

Those who are always weak or feel weak will benefit from eating ripe tomatoes in the morning and in the afternoon or eating juice.

Those who have less or hard stools, they eat two / one tomato in the morning and afternoon. The problem will come down.

Those who have various skin diseases or reduced smoothness. They will benefit by eating tomato salad or eating juice.

Regular consumption of tomato keeps the stomach and intestines healthy and strong.  Those who have less appetite and hunger in their mouth, they will get a lot of benefits by cutting the tomato into pieces and mixing it with dried ginger powder and a little bit.

Solanum lycopersicum ( tomato scientific name) help to keep the urinary tract neutral. As a result bladder infections and stones do not form.

People with pale complexion or those who have less blood in their body will benefit from eating a large ripe tomato regularly every day.

Those who have hemorrhoids, jaundice, chronic fever will benefit from eating tomatoes regularly.

health benefits of tomatoes

Pregnant mothers and those who have children will eat tomatoes regularly to increase physical and mental strength. Which will be very beneficial to the mother and baby.

Those who have gas in the stomach, digestion is less, they will reduce the problem of eating tomato.

Young children are fed a little tomato juice three times a day and the child develops a healthy and strong body.

Like our heart, tomato also have four chambers. Again the resemblance of the tomato with the color of the heart can be noticed. So tomato are effective in controlling heart disease and high blood pressure. Tomatoes are also a unique source of vitamins A and C. Tomato is a wonderful gift of Allah Ta’ala. There is no end to its benefits. So if you want to stay healthy, eat one tomato every day.

Solanum lycopersicum ( tomato scientific name) are rich in nutrients. They are rich in vitamins A, C, K and potassium.

Tomato is a very effective fruit to retain the beauty of the face and to remove the impression of age. Vital. Protects skin from sun damage.

It contains calcium, which helps prevent bone loss. If your bones are weak, you can eat tomatoes.

Tomato lycopene is effective in preventing cancer and heart disease by increasing the body’s resistance to disease.

Regular consumption of tomatoes keeps the stomach and intestines healthy.

Pregnant mothers who have children will eat tomatoes regularly to increase their physical and mental strength.

Those who have stomach gas or digestive problems will eat less tomatoes.

Dr. Mao. Lokman Hekim

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