To increase the beauty and fitness of our body, it is very important for the hand muscles to be thick and well-formed. Today I will show you 5 hand muscle exercises to get fat faster. Practicing these regularly will make your arm muscles grow much faster. how to increase hand muscle at home

5 exercises to strengthen the muscles of the hand

In addition to practicing these exercises, you must eat nutritious food. This will help you to grow faster. You must also get a moderate amount of sleep. You should not wake up late in the morning and stop going to bed late at night.

Exercises to quickly build muscle muscles:

Push up

Push up

Push-ups are a very effective exercise in fattening the arm muscles. Almost all of you are familiar with push ups.

To push up, first the toes should be big enough to be slightly above the hands and the hands should be kept straight along the chest.

The whole body should be kept straight and and in this position lean downwards. So that the nose or chest touches the ground lightly.

Then you have to go back to the previous state and give it two to three steps. Doing 12 to 15 times in each step is best if you can give the best or more according to your ability.

Although push ups do not only improve hand muscles. Rather it benefits the whole body. In particular, it improves the chest, abdomen, back, neck and many other parts of the body. So it is very beneficial to do regular push up exercises to grow and strengthen the hand muscles quickly.

Dumbbell front curl

Dumbbell front curl

You will need dumbbells to do this exercise. First you have to take two dumbbells of weight according to your ability. However, in the first case, it is better to exercise with a little less weight.

Then first fold the elbow of the right hand dumbbell and raise it along the shoulder. Then lower the right hand and lift the dumbbell in the left hand along the shoulder by bending the elbow like the right hand.

Thus you have to give 15 to 20 times and increase more in each step according to your ability. There are several steps to be taken in this way. Especially those who go to the gym and exercise can do more of this exercise.

It makes the hand muscles thick and well-formed quickly. So do this exercise regularly and carefully. You can gain weight slowly but it is very harmful to do this exercise in the beginning.

Exercising with excess weight in the first stage can lead to poor muscle structure. And there is a risk of the muscles becoming curved and stiff.

So don’t make the mistake of rushing to increase the distance arm muscles and exercising with excess weight.

Barbell front curl (how to increase hand muscle)

Barbell front curl

Barbell will be needed to do this exercise. However, you have to take less weight in barbell because if you take more weight, you will lose muscle.

First, keep the palm of the hand facing forward and stand straight with both hands holding the barbell in hand. Then fold the elbows and lift them up to the shoulders.

And again you have to straighten your arms and come back to the previous position. The body must be kept straight while doing this exercise. Care should be taken so that the body does not become curved and does not lean forward.

And in this case, it should not be taken beyond the capacity. Weight may be increased for support over time. I must avoid lifting excess weight in the first place.

This exercise will help your arm muscles to grow and grow faster. Do this 18 to 20 times according to ability.

And you can increase the weight slowly or gradually increase the weight according to the support in each step of the day. But never do the wrong thing like lifting extra weight.

Chinning (how to increase hand muscle)

Chinning, how to increase your hand muscles

You will need a strong ring to do this exercise. Because you have to hang on to the ring to do this exercise, it is very important to have a strong ring set up.

First hang on the ring then hold the ring tightly and go up and down. In this way you can give more if you can afford 12-14 times a day.

There are many benefits to doing this exercise in 2-3 steps. This exercise helps to tighten and strengthen the hand muscles. Moreover the arm muscles grow very fast and it is more effective than other exercises.

In addition to these, it is very helpful to increase the height. If you practice this exercise regularly, you will notice the change in height. Do this exercise regularly to make the arm muscles grow faster.

Dumbbell back curl (how to increase hand muscle)

Dumbbell back curl, how to increase your hand muscles

To do this exercise you first need to take two dumbbells with both hands. Then place the front of the palm of the hand and bend the elbow to the shoulder.

Thus give 18 to 20 times. It helps to make the wrists thicker and better as the muscles in the upper part of the hand grow. So this will be very beneficial for you to make the upper and lower part of the hand muscles and well-formed.

Take care of your health as well as do the exercises shown above. Eat a balanced diet and get enough sleep and rest.

Hopefully, your arm muscles will become fat, well-formed and attractive very quickly. He must be patient and move forward. If you give up a little, you will not get any result.

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