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Know the 15 harms of eating extra sugar

Eating too much sugar is bad for anyone. According to World Health Organization guidelines, a normal person can consume an average of 25 grams or six teaspoons of sugar per day. This article highlights the health problems that can be caused by eating more sugar than this every day.


One of the harms of eating sugar is the loss of teeth. Sugars are one of the most important ingredients in tooth enamel. It feeds on tooth decaying bacteria.

Appetite increases

Leptin is an ingredient in determining the level of appetite in the body. After eating, this ingredient tells you when you don’t need food anymore. But playing extra sugar builds leptin resistance. As a result, even after eating enough food, hunger remains. This can lead to a tendency to eat more than usual.

Weight gain (Know the 15 harms of eating extra sugar)

Eating sugar increases body weight, no one knows about it now. Sugars has a lot of calories. And these calories play a key role in weight gain.

Insulin resistance

The hormone insulin helps the body convert food into usable energy. As insulin levels in the body increase, sensitivity to the hormone decreases and blood glucose rises. Decreased insulin resistance in the body leads to fatigue, loss of appetite, cerebral palsy, and hypertension.


Eating too much sugars increases the risk of diabetes. A study of more than 51,000 women, conducted between 1991 and 1999, found that eating more sugar increased the risk of diabetes.


Eating sugar increases body weight and if this stage continues, it becomes obese. Drinking soft drinks, soda, or any sweet increases the risk.

Loss of liver function

Excessive sugar intake forces the liver to overwork. This results in some complications of the liver. In many cases, this can lead to impaired liver function.

Pancreatic cancer (Know the 15 harms of eating extra sugar)

Studies have shown that excessive sugar intake increases the risk of pancreatic cancer. Especially those who have a habit of eating high levels of sugar are more likely to get this cancer.

Kidney disease

High sugar intake can lead to various kidney diseases. Experts say that especially sugary soft drinks can play a role in this case.


Not just salt, but too much sugar can increase blood pressure. Studies have shown that eating 64 grams or more of sugar daily increases the chances of high blood pressure.

Heart disease (Know the 15 harms of eating extra sugar)

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in many people. And eating more sugar increases the chances of heart disease. Studies have shown that eating more sugar increases the risk of dying from heart disease.


Many experts consider eating too much sugar or sweets, chocolate, etc. to be a kind of intoxication.

Brain disturbance

Obesity and diabetes increase the risk of brain damage. And such complications are created as a result of eating too much sugars. So many experts believe that there is a connection between eating too much sugar and brain disorders.

Nutritional imbalance

If you have a habit of eating too much sugar, the tendency to eat sugary foods by excluding other nutritious foods may increase. And if you have such a habit, it can create an imbalance of nutrition in the body.


Sugar is one of the main causes of gout in the joints of various bones in the body, especially in the bones of the legs. Several ingredients, including sugars and meat, increase uric acid levels in the body.  And the pain that can be caused by this.

MD. Jahirul Islamhttp://www.aljazeerabangla.com
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