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Losing weight for no reason? Symptoms of a serious illness are careful now!

Losing weight without any reason? Beware; rapid weight loss in addition to the cause can be a symptom of a difficult disease. Experts believe that if the bodyweight decreases by more than 5 percent without any reason, it is a symptom of a particular disease. In that case, first of all, you have to take care of whether there is any problem with eating. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. Sudden thyroid, stomach problems,

Problems such as diabetes, depression, and excessive stress can lead to weight loss in the first place. Again, problems like rheumatoid arthritis, but weight loss in a hurry. Weight loss will be followed by cancer, tumors, and ulcers. However, you must talk to your doctor about whether you are losing weight due to these reasons. Also, find out what problems may come up.

There is always a fatigue

There is no such desire to eat food. Also, if it is a little heavy food, it is also having difficulty indigestion. He is gasping for breath with a little more effort. Where Jim could have easily spent two hours, he is now getting sick for an hour in the gym. If you have these problems, you have to be careful beforehand.

Hair loss (Losing weight for no reason?)

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of problems. But if the hair falls out as soon as you touch it, then that problem is different. But it is a sign of illness. Not only this, with the help of hair you can do thinning. If this is the case then you are suffering from thyroid or any other problem. Contact a doctor immediately.

Headache with hunger all-day

Getting hungry all day. I don’t feel full even after eating food. With that light head catch. Irritable mood. Easily forget all. None of these are good signs. Even then there is not enough sleep. As a result, the body breaks down.

Headaches all the time (Losing weight for no reason?)

Headaches all the time, headaches, headaches are not going to sleep. There may be a complex problem. Muscle aches and low blood sugar are also symptoms of a complex disease.

Thinking about food all the time

Even if you control hunger and greed, the picture of food is floating in front of your eyes all the time. It seems that you will eat everything but there is no hunger. Even forgetting what you play in the morning and in the afternoon. Maybe you are suffering from a complex disease.

MD. Jahirul Islamhttp://www.aljazeerabangla.com
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