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Visit the holy land of Saudi Arabia: Find out the sights, costs and other information

There is nothing new about the importance of the holy land of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has always been a desired destination, especially for the world’s devout Muslims. There are many other reasons why Travel Saudi Arabia is a favorite name among Muslims, including the holy birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the origin of Islam, and the revelation of the Holy Quran. Besides, there are important things like Holy Mecca Sharif, Medina Sharif and Holy Hajj and Umrah. Saudi Arabia travel guide

Saudi Arabia is a very influential country, not only religiously but also economically. People of different religions and castes including Hindus, Christians, and Muslims flock here for work. Saudi Arabia is a desirable destination for working people in Asia, Europe, America, and other regions, including the subcontinent, due to its good environment, tax-free pay, and other benefits.

saudi arabia travel

Until now, the main purpose of going to Saudi Arabia was the need for Muslims to perform Hajj, Umrah, and the work of the workers. But now that situation has changed a lot. The current government has long planned to make Saudi Arabia one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. As part of his move, the tourist visa system has been relaxed. Since this year, the Saudi government has considered introducing special tourist visas for tourists, which are now in process.

Besides, special facilities are being given to women tourists. From now on, women 25 years of age or older will be able to Saudi Arabia travels without any male companions. However, if you are less than 25 years old, you will need a male partner.

Saudi Arabia is a very prosperous country. Although the vast expanse of the 2,150,000-square-mile [2,150,000 sq km] country is mostly desert, it is home to many magnificent cities. The Saudis did not skimp on decorating all these cities. This is where Islam originated, so naturally, there are many places and installations in Saudi Arabia related to the history and heritage of Islam.

How to go to Saudi Arabia

Earlier, Saudi Arabia issued visas only for worker visas, Hajj and Umrah. This year, from 2018, the Saudi Arabian government is going to introduce tourist visas. The main goal of this visa is to attract tourists from different countries. Although the visa was supposed to be introduced in April, due to some complications, the visa system has not been introduced yet. However, all the arrangements have been completed and now the process is awaiting the permission of the state. If this visa is introduced, you can go to Saudi Arabia only for travel without work or religious reasons. In order to get this visa initially, you have to apply through an authorized tour operator.

(We will keep you updated on this tourist visa. We will discuss the details in this post as soon as the visa is launched.)

If you want to go to Saudi Arabia from Bangladesh, you have to go by air. You can fly to Saudi Arabia from Dhaka by many airlines. There are many airports in Saudi Arabia. The largest and most famous of these is King Khaled International Airport. It is located in the capital Riyadh.

Jet Airways, Bangladesh Biman, Kuwait Airways, Sri Lankan Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and other airlines can fly to Saudi Arabia. The cost of Jet Airlines will be the lowest of all, about 23,000 rupees. Others will cost from Rs 26,000 to Rs 36,000. The cost will be lower if you cut the air ticket to Saudi Arabia long before the trip. However, you do not need to run to the airline’s office or travel agencies. You can easily buy tickets for any destination online from this web site at home: https://flightexpert.com/

So let’s first find out about some of the most famous places in Saudi Arabia if you haven’t traveled. Some of these places have a religious significance, and some places are beautiful. However, it can be said without any doubt that all this is fascinating.

Al-Haram Mosque, Mecca (

Muslims will only hear the name of this famous mosque. This mosque is also referred to as the holy house of God. Al-Haram Mosque, known as the largest mosque in the world, has the Holy Kaaba Sharif. The mosque covers an area of ​​about 6.2 acres. About 4 million (4 million) people can gather here. Every year millions of devout Muslims come to circumambulate this Kaaba, which is known to us as Hajj and Umrah. Its specially designed architectural style gives birth to religious sentiments in the minds of the people. The famous Zamzam Kup is located very close to the Kaaba. This well was created 2150 years before the birth of Christ by the command of Almighty God and water can be drawn from it till today. Muslims consider this water to be very sacred and beneficial.

Al-Nawawi Mosque, Medina (saudi arabia travel guide)

Another famous and important place in Saudi Arabia is the Masjid Al Nawabi. The mosque was built during the lifetime of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). After migrating from Mecca to Medina, he built this mosque next to his residence. He himself took part in this work. In terms of importance, it is located next to the Masjid Al Haram. It is one of the largest and most beautiful mosques in the world. Adjacent to the mosque is the Ruza Mubarak of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

This mosque is open day and night. Pilgrims arriving during the Hajj stay in or around the Nawabi Mosque in Medina before or after the Hajj. The mosque is controlled by the Saudi Arabian government, which maintains and renovates it.

Kings Fountain or Royal Fountain

Kings Fountain is one of the many attractions in Jeddah. Because this is the highest fountain in the world. Powered by a jet propeller, the fountain can also drop water at an altitude of 653 feet above sea level. Located in the Red Sea, this beautiful waterfall is very attractive to tourists.

Medan Saleh Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia travel guide)

If you are interested in old civilization and history, then Medan Saleh can be a great destination for you. Here you can discover ancient Saudi Arabia.

The tribe of Thamud, which is also mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, used to live here. The atmosphere there was wonderful then. There was no shortage of freshwater. But they were involved in various misdeeds including lying, adultery, idolatry.

Medan Saleh

Mysterious installation made by cutting stones

Then Allah’s Apostle Hazrat Saleh (AS) invited them to Islam. Then the seas refused to listen to Hazrat Saleh (AS). They say to bring a female camel with a special feature as proof of the power of God Almighty. Saleh (AS) brought them a camel as they said. He also said that they (Thamud) should take care of the camels and not harm them, because it was a gift from God. But the disobedient Thamud did not believe in God but killed the camel. Then Allah sent down His wrath on them. The wrath of three days comes. On the first day, the faces of all the Thamud turned yellow. The next day everyone’s face turned red like blood. On the last day, the color of everyone’s face turns dark black. Then came storms, thunderstorms, and earthquakes that wiped out the entire Thamud nation.

These Thamud were descendants of their predecessor Aad. That Aad nation also opposed Allah Almighty and perished as usual. They also lived in Medan Saleh. That is why Medan Saleh has become known as a cursed place to the Arab world and the whole world.

Dumat ul Jandal

Dumat-ul-Jandal is another ancient site in Saudi Arabia. It is located in the province of Al Jawf. The environment here is now very rough and lifeless. But its history testifies differently. Fertile soil, freshwater were all here. But over time, that is likely to change. The abandoned palaces here bear the imprint of the civilization of that time. Here you will find a very old mosque called Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque. It was built between 600-700 AD. The mosque was located on the side of the main road. Merchants and tourists from different countries used to travel by that road. Being on the side of the road, tourists from different countries could perform prayers here.

The tomb of Hazrat Hawa (AS), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

There are several ancient cemeteries in the Al Balad area of ​​Jeddah city. At one time this tomb was 120 meters long, 3 meters wide, and 6 meters high. This is proof of the enormity of the physical shape of the people of that era. But the condition of graves began to deteriorate long ago, especially during the Wahhabi period. The Wahhabis thought that there was nothing to preserve with care like a grave.

Al Taybat International City Saudi Arabia

Al Taybat International City is located in Jeddah, one of the most famous cities in Saudi Arabia. This is a large museum. Here you will find many traces of the ancient heritage of Saudi Arabia in preserved condition. This place is also very attractive for foreign tourists. The Arabic style architecture here is really worth seeing. This city was once the residence of King Sheikh Abdul Rauf Khalil of Saudi Arabia. He was a very rich businessman. This huge residence had about 300 rooms and 12 separate palaces. There are lots of paintings, old documents, furniture, and many more patterns.

Kingdom Center (Saudi Arabia travel guide)

The Kingdom Center is one of the tallest buildings in Saudi Arabia. There are taller buildings in Saudi Arabia, but the Kingdom Center seems to be more important than any other. The main reason for this is its remarkable architectural style. Such a magnificent building is second to none in the whole of Saudi Arabia. The 992-foot, the 992-foot-tall mansion is becoming a symbol of commercial Saudi Arabia. In addition to the state-of-the-art shopping malls, there are the famous Four Seasons Hotel and modern apartment complexes and shopping malls. Everywhere inside and outside, this tower is a wonderful example of aesthetics. Kingdom Center Shopping Mall is one of the largest, most sophisticated, and aesthetic shopping malls in the country.

Shopping malls in Saudi Arabia

A notable feature of Saudi Arabia is its huge and luxurious shopping malls. The weather in Saudi Arabia is very rough. It is not so comfortable to go out there. So the government of that country has set up all the shopping centers with a lot of comfort and an improved environment for the sake of their citizens and foreign tourists. These shopping malls are great for shopping, sightseeing or spending time. These are usually quite large in size and have all kinds of facilities inside. We will now introduce you to some of these famous malls.

Sentria Mall, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia travel guide)

The Centria Mall is one of the largest and most popular in the capital Riyadh. Everything from food to clothing and cosmetics is available here. The food court here is very popular. On the two-story court, you can see all the famous fast-food chains in the West. When visiting Riyadh, the name of Centria Mall will usually be on the tourist list.

Al Rashid Shopping Mall, Khobar

Speaking of Khobar’s largest and most luxurious shopping center, Al Rashid’s name will come first.  There are about 1,000 shops inside the mall and 6,000 cars in the parking lot. You will find showrooms of all famous foreign brands here. When eating, don’t forget to hit the stool.

Red Sea Mall, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia travel guide)

It is the largest shopping mall in Jeddah. With an area of ​​242,000 square meters, this huge mall has a three-story complex and underground parking. The main attractions of the mall are Danube Super Market, Sparky Game City, and Virgin Megastore. When the mall opened in 2006, its internal fountain was the largest in Saudi Arabia. Here too you will find showrooms of all kinds of international brands. You will also see fairs of all famous food chains at the food court. Among them are Apple B, McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, etc.

Such as the abandoned city of Ala Ula, the Horeb Mountains, the marble village of Dhiain / Aqabat Al Baha, the bifurcated stone of Meribah, etc. It is safe to say that Saudi Arabia will give you the opportunity to experience both new and old experiences.

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