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Travel to Singapore – How to get there, how much to spend, what to see and other information

In just 40 to 50 years, Singapore has gone from being an underdeveloped third world country to a fully developed country. Singapore, which gained independence in 1975, was a chaotic, uncontrolled, and conflict-ridden country. Travel Singapore, Asia travel Singapore, singapore travel advice

But they did not stop there. With timely planning and wise decision making, they have taken their country to such a stage that it is now a great attraction for tourists from different countries. In today’s blog, we will discuss various aspects of Singapore travel as well as some of their groundbreaking changes.

A brief history and a thriving Singapore

Singapore gained independence from the British in 1963 but was still part of Malaysia. Due to disagreements, they separated from Malaysia in 1965 and established their own independent sovereign state. There was nothing to say about Singapore at that time.

There was nothing worth mentioning about this tiny urban state. Natural resources are the only key to the country’s development, for those who believe in this, it goes without saying that there were no natural resources in Singapore. The law and order situation was also quite bad due to the internal quarrels between the Malays and the Chinese. In a word, there was a stark difference between the then Singapore and present Singapore. At that time, no one thought that Singapore would ever be able to overcome this catastrophe and make it to the list of developed countries.

Turning to Singapore

In 1965, Lee Kuan Yew played a leading role in separating the country from Malaysia. After that, he took the helm of the country with a strong hand. With his diligent efforts and intelligence, Singapore slowly began to walk the path of light. It seemed to him that all human education and talent was of no value unless he was honest.

As a result, the unemployment rate has dropped to just 3 percent in just a few years, while growth has increased to about 6 percent. With Ku Wan’s foresight, Singapore began making computer parts in the 1980s. Singapore Changi Airport was opened in 1981 to encourage tourist arrivals in the country and Singapore Airlines was established. After that, I didn’t have to look back.

Environment and travel in Singapore

Singapore is today the 22nd richest country in the world, leaving all misery behind. Singapore ranks fourth in Asia in terms of quality of life. Eighty-three percent of the population lives in improved housing estates. These figures show that Singapore is no less than any other developed country in Europe today.

One of the few things that will fascinate you the most about developed Singapore is the free and safe movement of women on the road. There are highly effective laws in this regard. If a man gives an indecent look to a woman, then that woman can complain against him. Immediate action will be taken in such a way that the man will not dare to repeat the crime. Numerous white-clad police are scattered in the streets of the city to look into these matters.

Another nice thing is the cleanliness here. It is a punishable offense to litter anywhere. If anyone does that, then as a punishment he has to work as a sweeper in the area for one day and take part in a seminar on cleanliness!

Who doesn’t want to travel to a country that is completely free from corruption, clean, and developed! Singapore can be a great destination at a low cost if you want to get a taste of European travel. That is why Singapore is a popular name for tourists from Bangladesh and other parts of the world. So let’s find out some information about traveling to Singapore.

When to visit Singapore

Due to its location in Southeast Asia, Singapore has high temperatures and humidity almost all year round. That’s why you can travel to Singapore at any time of the year.

From July to September, Singapore has the highest number of tourists. During this time you will be able to attend many festivals and events. The famous Singapore Sale Festival and Food Festival are some of them. From February to April the crowds are low and the weather is quite temperate. The rainy season in Singapore lasts from November to January. Adequate rainfall occurs during this time. If you want to avoid rain, it is better not to travel to Singapore at this time.

How to get to Singapore

There is a Singapore Consulate in Dhaka, but Singapore visas are not issued from there. There are several authorized agents for visas, from where you can get a visa. To get a visa, you must get an invitation from someone based in Singapore. The Visa fee is 30 Singapore dollars.

If you want to know about Singapore Visa, please visit: https://www.ica.gov.sg/

Air ticket information

You can fly from Dhaka to Singapore. Get a direct or one-stop flight. Jet Airways, Malind Air, Biman Bangladesh, Malaysian Airlines, etc. can go to Singapore by various international airlines. In that case, the cost will be from Rs 18,640 to Rs 21,222. Domestic airlines include Regent Airlines, US Bangla Airlines, and Bangladesh Biman. The cost will be 18,000 to 20,000 rupees. It would be better if you book a month in advance. In that case, the cost will be less. However, you do not need to run to the airline’s office or travel agency to get a plane ticket. You can easily buy tickets for any destination at home from this website: https://www.flightexpert.com/

What to see in Singapore (Asia travel Singapore)

Singapore is a very small country in size. Being a small-town state of only 617 sq km, tourists get an added benefit. That is, it is possible to see a lot without going too far. However, this does not mean that the number of places of interest in Singapore is less! There are so many things to enjoy in a traffic jam-free city-state. We have discussed some of these places for your convenience.

The Singapore Zoo is known as one of the attractions of the country. The difference from a normal zoo is that wild animal are not kept in cages here. An especially suitable environment has been created for them and they roam freely there. What could be more wonderful than to see a wild animal roam like its own in its proper environment? If you have a hobby of wildlife photography, you can do it as you wish from here. About 1.6 million visitors visit the zoo every year.

Hours: 8.30 am to 6 pm

Entrance fee: Adults – US  20, children  3.

Address: 60 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 629626

Singapore (asia travel singapore)

Go to Singapore and don’t see Marilyn Park, it can’t be. This installation is considered to be the pride and symbol of Singapore. The statue of Marilyn is 26 feet tall. Its head is that of a lion and its body is that of a fish. By this statue, Singaporeans want to prove that they have not forgotten the past history of their country as fish traders. From here one can enjoy the beauty of the entire Marina Bay. All in all, the environment of the place is very nice.

Singapore Flyer (Asia travel singapore)

The flyer is one of the unique attractions in Singapore. It can easily be called the largest carousel in the world. Built at a cost of ০ 240 million, the 175-meter-high carousel was opened to the public in 2006. What could be more romantic than to ride this carousel at night and see the 360-degree view of magnificent illuminated Singapore! In special arrangements, if you wish, you can also have your dinner while you are on this carousel. One can find some wonderful feelings here.

Hours: 8.30 am to 10.30 pm

Tickets: Adults EU 33, children ২১ 21

Family Package: 78 US

Address: 30 Raffles Avenue.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer. Source: Straight Times

Singapore History Museum or History Museum

Another great place to visit in Singapore is its History Museum. There is no substitute for visiting this museum to learn about the history and culture of Singapore. The museum is located inside a white palace paved with fine marble. Here, not only Singapore but also the historical material of different countries and times of Asia are carefully preserved. There are also separate sections for kids to suit them.

Hours: 10 am to 8 pm

Tickets: Adults 10 USD, children, students, and the elderly – 5 USD

Address: 30 Merchant Road, River Side Point.

Singapore Museum

Singapore History Museum. Source: Time out

Chinatown (Asia travel singapore)

You can visit Chinatown to experience something strange. Like Chinatown in other countries, the Chinese here are also very fond of merriment.

Museum or Tooth Relic Museum

This famous temple and museum are located in the center of Chinatown, Singapore.  It is also open to visitors. Thousands of Buddhists come here every year. Apart from Buddhists, followers of other religions also came without hesitation. Downstairs visitors are provided free vegetarian food.

Hours: 9 am to 6 pm

Admission: Free.

Gardens by the Bay (Travel Singapore)

This huge park called Gardens by the Bay has been built on 250 acres of land right next to the Marina Reservoir. This huge park is made up of three large waterfront gardens. Here you will be mesmerized by the combination of thousands of different species of trees and shrubs. If you feel tired in the urban environment, then you can come here in the calm green environment and refresh your body and mind.

Hours are 9 am to 9 pm

Entrance fee: 28 US dollars

Address: 18, Marina Gardens Drive.

Singapore Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay. Source: Loco Travels

Raffles Hotel (Travel Singapore)

The hotel is one of the oldest buildings in Singapore. The hotel was established in 18. Many famous people have stayed in this hotel at different times. Among them are Rudyard Kipling, Joseph Conrad, Charlie Chaplin and many more. This hotel is associated with many of Singapore’s traditions. After a long journey, this hotel has become a part of Singapore’s culture today. Even after so many days, this hotel is still going with excellent service. Food chess is also very standard. So when you come here, you can kill many birds with one stone.

Singapore Raffles Hotel

Raffles Hotel. Source: Famous Wonders

Sentosa Island (Asia travel singapore)

Singapore is also not very famous for beaches. But Sentosa Island will also be a great destination if you still want to spend time on the beach. You can go to this small island by both water and land. The Siloso beach here is quite nice. Here you will find the famous statue of Marilyn. See also Siloso Castle and Universal Studios Singapore.

Singapore Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island. Source: Issatis

Where to stay if you go to Singapore (Travel Singapore)

You must stay in Singapore for a few days. If relatives or friends are not friendly, you must have a hotel search in advance. Best of all, if you can book in advance, then the cost will be a little less. For your convenience, we are giving the names and phone numbers of some such good hotels. You can also use the following website to find out more. Here you will find a list of all the hotels that will be empty on the date of your trip with a trip advisor rating. Site: https://flightexpert.com/

List of the best hotels in Singapore (Asia travel singapore)

InterContinental Singapore – +65 6338 7600

Four Seasons Singapore – +65 6734 1110

Mandarin Oriental – +65 6338 0066

The Fullerton Hotel – +65 6733 8388

The Ridge Carlton Millennium – +65 6337 8888

Shangri-La Hotel – +65 6737 3644

Naomi Hotel – +65 6403 6000

Park Royal on Pickering – +65 6809 8888

St. Regis Hotel – +65 6506 6888

Hotel Indigo Singapore – +65 6723 7001

I hope the information in our blog will help you a little bit. Wishing you a happy and safe Singapore trip.

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