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Why do you eat eggs every day?

We all know more or less about the nutritional value of eggs. Many people like to eat eggs for breakfast every day. But is eating eggs every day harmful to health? egg benefits. benefits of eating eggs

Due to the presence of cholesterol in eggs, many people, especially older people who have diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, think that eating eggs every day is not good for health. An egg contains 75% calories and 8% grams of protein. The yolk contains 95% calcium and iron, the white part contains the remaining calcium and iron. Let’s find out today what are the benefits of eating eggs every day.

Meets vitamin needs

A small egg contains Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E. Which gives energy to the body, produces red blood cells, and prevents cancer by keeping eyesight good?

Reduces the risk of heart disease

Bad cholesterol blocks arteries and causes heart disease. And good cholesterol keeps the heart healthy by removing fat from the arteries. Eggs reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by converting large LDLs into small LDLs.

Increasing immunity (Health Benefits of Eating Egg )

Eggs work quite well in increasing disease resistance. A large egg contains 22% selenium which meets the daily requirement. Its nutrients regulate thyroid hormones by increasing immunity. Put one or two eggs in your daily diet and stay away from infections and viruses.

Nourishes the skin and hair (eggs benefits)

Vitamin B complex is very important for healthy hair, skin, eyes, and liver. It helps keep our nervous system active.

Helps to lose weight (Health Benefits of Eating Egg )

Did you know that eggs help in weight loss? Many people think that egg fat increases body weight. Research from the Rochester Center for Obesity Research has shown that an egg every morning for breakfast reduces the amount of hunger throughout the day, reducing the tendency to overeat. You can lose three pounds or more in a month by eating rose eggs.

Prevention of breast cancer (eggs benefits)

A 2003 study from Harvard University found that one egg a day reduced the risk of developing breast cancer in young women. Another study found that women who ate at least eight eggs a week had a 44 percent lower risk of breast cancer than those who ate two or fewer eggs.

To reduce stress (eggs benefits)

If you are deficient in amino 9 acids, it will affect your mental health. A 2004 journal found that food was associated with stress and anxiety. There are some foods that reduce your stress. Eggs are one of them.

Eggs are readily available, so be sure to include them in your daily diet.

MD. Jahirul Islamhttp://www.aljazeerabangla.com
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